CompanyEgg Joins Microsoft for Startups

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Abu Dhabi Startup CompanyEgg Joins Microsoft for Startups

The renowned program will enable CompanyEgg to scale its business search engine internationally and develop its “No-Code Website Builder” platform.

ABU DHABI, UAE, June 8, 2020 — CompanyEgg, one of the world’s first true business search engines, has been selected as a partner for its distinguished Microsoft for Startups program. Microsoft selects qualified startups for the program that develop innovative technical solutions supporting customers’ digital transformations. Launched in 2018, the program provides unparalleled access to the entire Microsoft ecosystem including the Azure cloud, blockchain technologies, machine-learning capabilities and AI solutions. Beyond access to the Azure cloud, CompanyEgg will also be connecting with Microsoft engineers while receiving support from the company’s sales, marketing and technical support teams.

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CompanyEgg was selected as a Microsoft for Startups member because of its unique global reach with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) via its international business search engine, as well as its user-friendly “No-Code Website Builder” currently in development.

“CompanyEgg is passionate about supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, and the Microsoft for Startups program offers our team incredibly robust solutions that will serve as a foundation for an innovative No-Code Website Builder we’re currently developing,” said Sean Rigo, CEO and cofounder of CompanyEgg. “In light of recent events throughout the world with COVID-19, every SME needs a strong web presence, which naturally begins with a quality website. Our team will be building the tools that empower businesses’ digital transformations.”

CompanyEgg’s founding team moved to Abu Dhabi at the start of 2020 and will be expanding into the region to incorporate SME data for UAE enterprises in their business search engine.

“Abu Dhabi and the UAE offer us a unique opportunity to scale our business into the rest of the world. We are building a global business search engine, and Abu Dhabi is a truly global city with more than five billion people within an eight-hour flight of the capital city. We’re excited to be here,” said Mike Halvorsen, VP and cofounder of CompanyEgg. “We met Microsoft for Startups managing director Roberto Croci at a Microsoft Reactor event at HUB71, a global technology ecosystem in Abu Dhabi, and we knew immediately Microsoft had an incredible program that would enable us to support SMEs with their own digital transformation that are integral to success in the today’s business world.”

“At Microsoft for Startups, we are laser-focused on helping great founders and startups with serious, robust and sustainable business models. Reasonable growth and a clear path towards profitability is the way we work with startups in our portfolio to enable access to technology and access to markets in a meaningful way, “ said Roberto Croci, managing director of Microsoft for Startups MEA. “CompanyEgg has a clear long-term vision to enable SMEs to go digital and be relevant to customers by increasing their visibility and help them become sustainable businesses. Previously when an SME tried to develop new technology, there was a barrier of entry and they needed huge investments. Now with the cloud, you have endless computing power, and we are seeing a lot of our young entrepreneurs and SMEs capitalizing on or leveraging that opportunity that was not there before. CompanyEgg empowers SMEs with the ability to market their offerings on a global platform.”

“Even under today’s challenging climate for businesses, the Middle East has always had a strong appetite for supporting businesses as SMEs are the lifeblood of the business community,” said Kal Desai, former chief financial officer of Careem and Zawya and a CompanyEgg adviser. “CompanyEgg’s suite of business offerings will help the SMEs of the region strengthen their business visibility while providing a tool empowering them to sustain and grow their company.”

About CompanyEgg

CompanyEgg is the brainchild of Sean Rigo and Mike Halvorsen, who have a collective passion for supporting small businesses, the lifeblood of any economy, through technology. “CompanyEgg is the combination of two words, obviously. But what is interesting is that the word ‘egg’ is universally a positive word in nearly every language. We want to be a positive force for businesses and a place where they can start and launch their companies.”

The company is developing a proprietary No-Code Website Builder and content management system (CMS) designed from the ground up with SMEs in mind. CompanyEgg is also raising capital in support of these projects. To learn more about the No Code Website Builder, please visit For more information about CompanyEgg, please visit


Sean Rigo

Sean Rigo

Sean has traveled to more than 30 countries and leads CompanyEgg's business development efforts. Outside the office, Sean’s pursuits include rock climbing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.